Continuing education home-study quiz.


This home-study program is designed for certified corrections professionals (CCPs) interested in increasing their knowledge of issues that are important to professional practice in the field of corrections. CCPs can earn three Category A continuing education contact hours for studying articles in Corrections Compendium and passing the quiz below. Answer all questions by circling the correct answer. Submit this entire page (copies NOT acceptable). ACA staff will score the test (grade of 75 percent required to pass) and, within three weeks, send a certificate of achievement to those who pass. Those scoring less than 75 percent will also be notified. Secure records for all participants will be maintained at the ACA office. If you have any questions or would like information about ACA's Certification Program, contact Jason Oosterwijk at (800) 222-5646, ext. 0175, or

1) According to Herzberg, two groups of organizational variables exert an influence on workers--i.e., "hygiene factors" and "motivators."

Circle ONE: True False

2) Literature on the topic of employee retention essentially claims that, in contrast to their predecessors, contemporary workers tend to expect less work-related autonomy and involvement in decisions affecting them.

Circle ONE: True False

3) Which of the following is NOT a cost when implementing any of the intrinsic incentives identified in this study?

Circle ONE:

  1. Managerial reluctance to relinquish power

  2. Managerial reluctance to share decision-making

  3. Managerial reluctance to reduce the importance of subordinates

  4. Managerial reluctance to establish a supportive, Interactive workplace

    4) "Transfer of Sanction Treaties" are international agreements between nations that allow the...

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