Continued health-care hikes are forecast.

Position:Business Briefs - AON Consulting survey results - Brief Article - Industry Overview - Statistical Data Included

Companies will continue to face double-digit health-care cost increases, according to an Aon Consulting survey of major health care providers.

Based on data provided by the nation's largest medical, dental, Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) and vision vendors, Aon found that HMOs (health maintenance organizations) are expected to raise costs, on average by 16.2 percent for 2003 renewals.

This marks a continuing shift in the landscape of health care plans--HMOs historically have not shown the increases of other types of plans, such as PPO (preferred provider organizations) and POS (point of service) plans.

In brief, the forecast for medical plan increases for 2003 renewals is looking this way:

HMO With Prescription Drugs (Rx) 16.2 percent Without Rx 14.6 percent POS With Rx...

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