Contemporary Muslim and Christian Response to Religious Plurality.

Author:Grafton, David D.
Position::Book review

Contemporary Muslim and Christian Response to Religious Plurality. By Lewis E. Winkler. Wipf & Stock, 2011. ISBN: 978-1-6089-9742-8. ix and 350 pages. Paper. $39.00.

Lewis Winkler, a lecturer in Theology, Church History, and Ethics at the East Asia School of Theology in Singapore, has produced an imaginative work on Christian-Muslim dialogue. Building upon the oft-quoted saying of Hans Kung, "No peace among the nations without peace among the religions," Winkler puts forward an opportunity to help Christians and Muslims think outside the box and engage in fresh thinking. Winkler commences his project within the framework of "religious pluralism," that is, the reality of various faith traditions, each making its own truth claims, to "encourage more democratically free, morally just, and religious plural human communities" (10). He follows this with a review of a historical and thematic survey of twentieth and twenty-first century Christian-Muslim dialogue in Chapter Two.

The heart of Winkler's exploration are Chapters Three through Five. Here he elucidates the theology of the Christian theologian, Wolfhart Pannenberg, and the Muslim scholar, Abdulaziz Sachedina. Pannenberg's Trinitarian theology is explored primarily through his work in Toward a Theology of Nature. Sachedina's thinking is reviewed through a close reading of The Islamic Roots of Democratic Pluralism. Ultimately, Winkler concludes that through Sachedina's understanding of the Islamic concept of fitra, and Pannenberg's notion of "prolepsis" there is affirmation of God's good work through humanity (230-231). The final two chapters of the book seek to...

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