Contacts with the Gods from Space.

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Contacts With The Gods From Space

George King

Aetherius Society

757 Fulham Road, London, England, SW6 5UU

6202 Afton Place, Hollywood, California 90028

David Trimble

9780937249154, $14.95, 153pp,

Synopsis: "Contacts With The Gods From Space: Pathway to the New Age" contains the greatest series of close encounters on record. Among the myriad of claims of contacts with UFOs during the latter half of the 20th century, one man stands out: Dr. George King. For over 40 years he was in regular communication with extraterrestrial intelligences, bringing the most revealing glimpse of their science and religion ever recorded. "Contacts With The Gods From Space" will give the reader the key to a new way of life. UFO enthusiasts will be able to take advantage of Spiritual opportunities never dreamed possible and...

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