Consumers don't trust healthcare IT security, benefits.

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Results from a recent survey could be troubling tor the healthcare industry and providers of healthcare IT products and services.

As reported in a Jan. 9 article on the Health Data Management website, one national survey of 12,000 individuals, conducted last fall by market research firm Black Book, found that 70% of respondents distrust health technology. Further, 57% of consumers are skeptical of the overall benefits of health IT, such as electronic health records, patient portals, and mobile apps. The distrust and skepticism apparently stem from high-profile data breaches and a general perception of poor security.

"We saw that distrust number in particular with consumers and mental health records and pharmacies," said Doug Brown, managing partner at Black Book. "They feel that there's some kind of leakage of information, even if it's not cybersecurity-related."

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