Consumer uncertainty in 2015.

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According to the most recent Nielsen study, in the fourth quarter of 2014, the consumer confidence index in Latin America stood at 88, that is three points below the third quarter level. The index declined in five of the seven countries analyzed. Peru, Brazil and Colombia were the most optimistic, and Argentina and Venezuela the most pessimistic.

* Peru was the only country where consumer confidence actually increased. The index there stayed above 100 points (101), surpassing Brazil, where for the first time since 2011 it fell by six points, ending up at 95.

* Mexico's index (85) fell three points, Colombia's (94) and Chile's (81) sank by four points each, and Argentina (67) was one point lower. Venezuela (70) was unchanged from the previous quarter.

* Employment perspectives fell in three of the seven countries analyzed.

* Confidence in personal finances fell in all countries except Peru.

* The perception of a possible recession worsened by seven percentage points in Brazil (73%) and Chile (59%), the highest values since Nielsen...

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