Best practices: promoting consistency within a system: consistency lays the foundation and creates expectations, employees, franchisees, vendors and customers.

Author:McEntire, Margaret

Promoting consistency within any system is tantamount to laying the cornerstone of a great company, for the consistency which you create, develop, nurture and enhance will eventually permeate your organization. In today's ever-changing business climate it is imperative to possess a strong work ethic, a bold and audacious business plan, and the ability to maintain a consistent and concerted effort not only for the long haul, but in the daily operations of conducting business. The consistency which you promote, or lack thereof, lays the foundation and creates the expectations for your employees, franchisees, vendors and customers. This also has the effect of raising the bar, or lowering the standards.

The habits developed as the result of promoting consistency within a system are the basics that you will return in a new professional position and a new reality takes shape in changing the business landscape. These habits can be cultivated at the initial training of franchisees with the franchisor. These habits can develop and maintain consistency through seeing the efforts and daily operations of conducting their business, modeled after the franchisor.

Consistency can be likened to water and the three forms it can take. Water in its liquid state can flow like a mighty river or a babbling brook; quench thirst as dispersed from a water fountain or a garden hose; extinguish fires in torrents from a hydrant or from the sky and clear the air.

Water in its solid state can be used to build structures such as igloos; refrigerate foods, sink vessels (icebergs) and destroy crops in the form of hail.

In the form of condensation, it can remove wrinkles from fabric (in the form of steam) or create mold and mildew, if allowed to lay dormant.

The results can be either constructive or destructive; it depends upon the form it takes and the manner in which it is employed.


Communicate With Consistency

With a perfect world, a franchise system would be absolutely uniform and perfectly consistent, flowing like the water going the same direction, together in perfect harmony and on the same level. Franchise companies must realize that to attain the best communication practices, they must promote consistency in the system. It takes a considerable amount of great communication on a level that everyone can understand. The system, in a solid state, like an igloo, can function as the re-phrasing of any problems and a more direct way of...

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