Conservative Calvin.

Author:Newley, Anthony
Position:Correspondence - Letter to the Editor

Richard John Neuhaus' knee-jerk defense of all things "Bush" is becoming increasingly evident. Take for example his recent criticism of Calvin College ("While We're At It," August/September). Rather than praise the college for warmly inviting President Bush to give its commencement address, Neuhaus chose to chide the institution because one hundred teachers (less than 30 percent of the faculty) published a respectful letter disagreeing with the very reasonable view that the Iraq War policy is not de-facto "God's will."

Since conservatives comprise anywhere from 2 to 6 percent of faculty on the major campuses across the country, the fact that over 70 percent of the Calvin faculty chose not to sign the protest letter is stunning and should have been viewed as a positive.

But Neuhaus calls the faculty protest "smarminess" and goes on to denigrate the "national prominence" of Calvin College, as if it is some rude, liberal Podunk institution looking for cheap media attention with a publicity stunt. Like Neuhaus, I am a faithful Catholic and recognize the Iraq War as just.

But unlike Neuhaus, I also recognize that reasonable, thoughtful Christians can disagree with each...

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