Consent on Campus; A Manifesto.

Author:Alexice, Mya
Position:Book review

Donna Freitas; CONSENT ON CAMPUS; Oxford University Press (Nonfiction: Social Science) 19.95 ISBN: 9780190671150

Byline: Mya Alexice

Consent on Campus is an eye-opening analysis. According to the lowest estimates, one in five women who attend college will experience sexual assault while there. As the #MeToo movement upends careers and prompts nationwide discussions of sexual conduct, this manifesto shines a light on the still-hidden side of the controversy.

Donna Freitas, a professor and activist, paints a tableau of the current state of collegiate affairs around sex. It's a troubling picture: only recently have laws forced universities to accommodate victims of assault and educate their students on consent, and those laws might be overturned by the current presidential administration anyway. Scandals in which university athletes commit sexual assault without major consequences (see: Brock Turner) are still prevalent. How, Freitas asks, does this still happen?

Her book argues that consent is not merely a "yes means yes" scenario. Instead, consent exists in a world of nuance, with complicated gender roles, power structures, and...

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