O'Connor, Kerrie. Through the Tiger's Eye.

Author:Rader, Heather
Position:Brief Article - Children's Review - Book Review

O'CONNOR, Kerrie. Through the tiger's eye. independent Publishers Group. 288p. c2005. 1865085383. $7.95. J

If your parents separate, you move to the worst house in Kurrawong, and your only company is your annoying little brother, you might think all is lost. But in fact something is found. The strange mermaid house Lucy and Ricardo live in has a rug that becomes more detailed and vibrant each day. It inspires dreams about a foreign country, a parallel universe that is entered through a time tunnel in their backyard. They discover the children there are forced to work in sweatshops by Bull soldiers and live under terrible conditions. What if they could rescue those children, and their survival depended upon Lucy and Ricardo unraveling the...

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