Connect With Local Benefit Peers.

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As a benefits professional, you need to stay on top of current topics and legislative changes. Did you know there may be regular educational opportunities--as well as chances to connect with other industry professionals--in your area?

You are welcome to participate in a local chapter of the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists (ISCEBS). ISCEBS is the sister organization of the International Foundation. Its members--those who have completed or are pursuing their Certified Employee Benefit Specialist" (CEBS[R]) designation--frequently gather to hear expert speakers at luncheons, breakfasts, webcasts or other local events. And as a Foundation member, you are welcome to join them, whether or not you have your CEBS.

By attending an ISCEBS chapter meeting, you have an opportunity to:

* Be part of a community of benefit professionals

* Meet people with different job responsibilities and expertise

* Build your career

* Gain access to experienced speakers

* Give back to the industry by improving your expertise through program attendance or by sharing your knowledge and presenting at a local event

* Expand the footprint of your employer within the local community

* Earn...

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