Congratulations to winners of the 2017 ASMC Awards.

Position:2017 ASMC Awards - List

These awards recognize individuals and teams for outstanding accomplishments within one of the functional fields of membership!

Ernest J. Gregory Award

This year we are recognizing the outstanding leadership and service of Ernest J. Gregory to the defense financial management community in the designation of an award in his honor. This award is presented to outstanding Comptroller/Deputy Comptroller who demonstrates dedication to leadership, operational excellence, professional development, ethics and mentorship. The 2016 winner of this prestigious award is Major Kirsti M. Morris, CDFM.


Major Command

* Distinguished: Keith N. Shoaf

* Meritorious: Lourdes M. Pamintuan, CDFM

Unit Under a Major Command

* Distinguished: Melinda Jaynes

* Meritorious: Joseph A. Salatino

Acquisition and Cost Analysis

Major Command

* Distinguished: Major Ashley A. Housley, CDFM-A

* Meritorious: Natasha L. Edwards

Unit Under a Major Command

* Distinguished: Daniel Germony

* Meritorious: James Scheible


Major Command

* Distinguished: Suzanne M. Pierce

* Meritorious: Wilhilmina Romano

Unit Under a Major Command

* Distinguished: Elaine Graham, CDFM


Major Command

* Distinguished: Raymond C. Gaw

Unit Under a Major Command

* Distinguished: Kimberly Luce, CDFM

* Meritorious: Julia E. Arthur, Major Edith Coon

Comptroller/Deputy Comptroller

* Ernest J. Gregory Award. Major Kirsti M. Morris, CDFM

* Distinguished: Lt Col Jason Holcomb

* Meritorious: Cheryl Robitaille, CDFM

Contractor Support

* Distinguished: Stacey Sperow

* Meritorious: Jody Jenkins, Jami Geragosian, CDFM


Major Command

* Distinguished: Mahmud B. Islam, CDFM-A

Unit Under a Major Command

* Distinguished: Edmund M. Kertilus

* Meritorious: SSgt Samuel Spaethe


Major Command

* Distinguished: Amanda J. Schmersahl

* Meritorious: Alexander Keifer, Shane C.Ryan

Unit Under a Major Command

* Distinguished: Lauren E. Miller

Resource Management

Major Command

* Distinguished: Scott W. Bauer, CDFM-A

* Meritorious: Major Shawn Schulz, CDFM-A, Captain Michelle Snow, CDFM

Unit Under a Major Command

* Distinguished: Christopher Underwood

Team Achievements

Large Team

* Distinguished: Transportation Working Capital Fund (TWCF) Cost Recovery Process Innovation

Team Leader:Timothy J. Landvogt

Team Members:

Adam Analla

Jasolyn Evans

Katie Kizzire

Kelsey Klaus

Shannon Krievs

Harold Mitchell

Jordon Richter

Judy Schomaker

Pam Sellers

Chris Tancredi

Kyle Wiesemeyer

* Meritorious: Nuclear...

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