Congratulations: Ronald E. Harrison Award winner: Linda G. Alvarado President Palo Alto, Inc.

Position:Yum! Brands Franchisee - IFA'S 49TH ANNUAL CONVENTION


This award was created to recognize organizations and or individuals who have made significant contributions to minorities in franchising either within their franchise organization or within the franchising community. This award is open to any organization or individual from an IFA-member company. Ronald E. Harrison, CFE, retired PepsiCo senior vice president, IFA past chairman and former chairman of the IFA Diversity Institute board of directors, was the first recipient of this award, which was subsequently named in his honor.

Linda G. Alvarado's many successes as a business owner and community advocate have encouraged and inspired other women and minorities to achieve their professional aspirations. After starting a career in the male-dominated construction industry in the 1970s, Alvarado became president and CEO of Alvarado Construction. In addition to her 35-year career in large multi-million dollar commercial development, she and her husband Robert started restaurant company Palo Alto, Inc. in the mid-1980s after being approved as franchisees to open a single Taco Bell unit. The company now encompasses more than 140 Yum! Brands restaurants in multiple states. Alvarado's involvement as a co-owner of the Colorado Rockies made history as she was the first Hispanic and female to own a major league baseball franchise.

Her involvement in franchising also extends to her role as the first woman president of the Taco Bell Franchise Management Advisory Council and serving on the Tricon Franchise Advisory Council...

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