Confidence continues strong streak.

Position:Improvement in the CEO Confidence Index

PERSEVERANT IN AN UPBEAT ATTITUDE, CEOs continue to be optimistic--at least for now. The CEO Confidence Index jumped 9.0 points last month to 171.0, according to 271 top executives surveyed. Since September of 2006, the Index has risen 15 percent (over 22 points), signaling increased confidence in the economy. Peter A. Howley, chairman of Western Ventures, said, "Our economy is booming by any measurement except the main stream media's." Overall Confidence is only 11 points off its highest level since 2002.

Although confident in the short term, CEOs are noticeably less sure of the economy's future prospects. CEOs seem aware of and concerned about many longer-term issues, like health care, and Social Security will eventually pose a threat to our economy. One CEO noted, "While my feeling is generally good for the short term, I believe that our government is incapable of dealing with many issues regarding budget stability, including health care and Social Security."

In the wake of the report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on global warming earlier this month, CE asked CEOs about climate change and alternative fuels. Responses varied widely, with passion evident on both sides of the issue. Many (41 percent) said the threat of global warming was "immediate and urgent." One respondent exclaimed, "This is no joke. Those who dismiss global warming as hype are morons." Others were circumspect. Scott...

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