Confessions of a Flash Artist.

Position:Book review

Confessions of a Flash Artist

Renald Iacovelli

Stone Tower Press

9780985218126, $6.42, PB, 143pp,

Synopsis: "Confessions of a Flash Artist" is the personal memoir of performance artist Dr. Humphrey Humdinger and makes the case for "Dramatic Exposure" as an avant-garde art form capable of achieving new heights of dramatic expression.

Iacovelli details the history of how he invented this art, his first crude attempts in it, his final mastery of it, and all the aesthetic and philosophical notions that occurred to him along the way, make this personal autobiography a groundbreaking and seminal document and of immense interest to students of 'Dramatic Exposure".

"Confessions of a Flash Artist" also serves as an inspiration for people who, as Iacovelli says in his closing pages--"persevere in...

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