IFA chairman addresses New Zealand franchise conference: the Franchise Association of New Zealand heard from IFA Chairman Jack Earle (a McDonald's multi-unit owner) during its Franchise Adrenalin Conference in Rotorua in New Zealand on July 21 (ET, July 22 New Zealand time). Earle addressed the group via the Internet.

Author:Earle, Jack
Position:INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT - Conference news

Below are excerpts from Earle's prepared remarks on:

Franchising's Contributions and Challenges:

"The state of franchising in the United States is good and improving. Like many of you, our members have suffered from the global economic downturn and the impact it has had on access to credit.

"We are hopeful that as the economies around the world improve, franchising will again provide the economic catalyst for job creation and economic recovery."

Franchisee Leadership:

"Over the past 27 years I have witnessed McDonald's growth in the United States and around the globe. I strongly believe that a critical factor in McDonald's system growth is the strong relationship between McDonald's corporation and its franchisees.

"When franchisee leadership works hand and hand with the corporation's executives and management team--sharing a common goal of building equity and creating value on both sides of the ledger, good things happen for both."

Credit Access:

"We regularly poll our members about their concerns and our most recent survey in March 2011 shows that credit remains the top issue of concern for IFA members and a challenge that is still hampering the growth we have seen following past recessions.

"We believe that with more consistent and focused communications among lenders and franchise businesses, U.S. franchising, due to its demonstrable track record of 40 percent economic output growth over the past decade, offers the most promising vehicle to accelerate...

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