AuthorLawrence R. Liebesman/Rafe Petersen
Page 141
Chapter XVII
The Endangered Species Act is one of the
most important and most powerful federal
environmental statutes. e strict provi-
sions of the ESA impose important procedural
and substantive duties on both federal and private
actors to ensure both the survival and recovery
of listed species. As the Supreme Court stated in
1978 in Tennessee Valley Auth. v. Hill, the E SA is
“the most comprehensive legislation for the preser-
vation of endangered species ever enacted by any
nation.”1 at observation remains true today. is
1. 437 U.S. 153, 180, 8 ELR 20513 (1978).
second edition of the ESA Deskbook has endeav-
ored to describe the Act’s underpinnings and t he
major developments since the 2003 First Edition
in this important and evolving law—a law that is
becoming even more relevant today as we face new
environmental challenges, such as climate change.
Hopefully, this Deskbook will provide practitioners
with the tools to bet ter understand and apply t his
important law that will likely continue to evolve in
the years ahead.

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