Compliance trends in the new year.


As organizations look for growth in new markets in the shadow of stricter enforcement and regulatory bodies, they must continue to be diligent with their affairs to preemptively identity potential fraud, bribery and corruption.

Brian Loughman, Ernst & Young's Americas leader of fraud investigations & dispute services, predicts the following risks to emerge:

Significant Expansion of External Cybersecurity Threats.

Chief information officers will become equally considerate of risks posed by external agents, particularly against critical infrastructures, as the number of cyberattacks increase outside of a company's walls or borders.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Move to the Forefront.

Companies will turn a critical eye toward disaster preparedness and business continuity as megastorms like Sandy become more common in the years ahead.

The Movement to Insource Investigations Will Grow.

As a reaction to the increased volume, the process by which investigative work is conducted will evolve as large corporations with far-flung operations begin to build centers of experience internally to better leverage industry knowledge and increase efficiency when issues arise.

Renewed Commitment to Enforcement Following Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Guidance.

As the regulatory landscape falls under the microscope yet again, growing reputational, reporting and financial risks will lorce executive board members to...

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