Compliance Made Easy: A look inside the toolkit that is helping franchises successfully navigate the increasingly complex employment landscape.

Author:Spinola, Angela

A web-based resource designed specifically for franchise systems, created and updated by the world's largest employment and labor law practice exclusively representing management that is completely free to IFA members. Sounds too good to be true? It isn't. IFA and Littler Mendelson have released the web-based Franchise Compliance Toolkit to help franchise systems navigate the evolving labor and employment law landscape.

The platform is a nose-to-tail toolkit that helps franchise systems comply with state and federal laws when hiring, compensating, managing and terminating employees. Through the toolkit, IFA members have free access to a suite of materials for managing the full lifecycle of an employee, including key employment documents and training, as well as resources to establish policies, procedures and practices that comply with relevant labor and employment laws.

The franchise business model creates unique challenges from an employment law perspective, as franchisees often have limited resources to devote to managing compliance with constantly evolving labor and employment laws. The toolkit provides quick online access to tools to help establish employment policies, procedures and practices and to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws.


The toolkit contains a document and policy library with a wide array of template employment documents and policies, including offer letters, sample interview questions, handbook policies, leave forms, disciplinary forms, and separation and severance agreements. It also contains checklists on a range of topics to help the franchise comply with applicable law--including a hiring checklist, wage and hour audit checklist, severance plan checklist, and a termination checklist.

The toolkit's news and development feed provides updates on key developments in the labor and employment fields that impact...

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