Complete series on coaching.

Author:Steege, Tricia
Position:SkillSoft Corp.'s training material - Brief Article

Coaching with Confidence Series, online, SkillSoft (877-545-5763,, $115-$450 per employee (cost based on 2,000 employees and a three-year contract, and the range is determined by the number of libraries the customer licenses).

SkillSoft has been criticized for providing a huge quantity of online cookie-cutter content that is only slightly more interactive than a book. Their large library of courses has become the butt of many anecdotes about the futility of throwing online content at employees who are not convinced about the value of the instruction. They vote with their virtual feet, producing dismal usage and completion rates for the online courses.

The SkillSoft coaching series deserves serious consideration, however. It includes a total of six course modules, each taking between four to six hours to complete. The series consists of the following topics: Coaching for Business, Successful Coaching Relationships, Key Stages in Coaching, Coaching Skills, Mindsets, Emotions and Coaching, and Coaching Trends.

This is a robust learning series that contains solid content for individuals exploring coaching as a profession and for organizations desiring to build coaching cultures. It teaches theory and encourages practice and application, providing learners new to coaching with solid knowledge. To...

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