Company Watch - US Airways.


New York (AirGuideBusiness - Company Watch) May 2, 2010

Honeywell signed a 10-year contract with US Airways to provide inventory management and maintenance for 331-200 APUs on its fleet of Boeing 757s and 767s. Apr 21, 2010

US Airways has stopped discussing a possible merger with United Airlines, US Airways said. Some observers expect United, which has said the industry would benefit from consolidation, to pursue a combination with Continental Airlines. Continental CEO Jeff Smisek said the airline is "examining Continental's options." US Airways says it will remain strong as a stand-alone carrier if United Airlines ultimately merges with Continental Airlines. Apr 22, 2010

If United Airlines merges with US Airways while maintaining an immunized partnership with Continental Airlines, analysts say the result would be an aviation giant almost 50% larger than Delta Air Lines, currently the world's biggest. Some experts believe Continental favors such an arrangement over a full merger. "In 2008, Continental decided it was better to get 85% of the benefits of merger by joining in a partnership with United ... (than to) deal with all the labor issues and fleet issues and integration issues that would have come with" a full merger, says airline analyst Hubert Horan, who helped engineer the Northwest-KLM alliance in the 1990s. "Nothing's changed." The most likely merger is United Airlines and Continental. Apr 20, 2010

US Airways' mainline fleet will be reduced by 10 net aircraft to 339 by year end, representing the removal of 14 aircraft and the addition of four, according to Executive VP and CFO Derek Kerr. Speaking at the carrier's media day in Phoenix, he said the airline will retire five of its 24 737-300s and five of 28 757-200s as well as four E-190s of 19, all of which are dedicated to the East Coast shuttles. It added two A320s and two A330-200s in the first quarter, the only aircraft it will take in 2010. It will add 12 A320s each in 2011 and 2012. Kerr said that US will be out of its 737 Classics within five years while it will retain around 23 757s dedicated to its transatlantic and Hawaiian networks. Last year it deferred delivery of 54 Airbus aircraft. Apr 29, 2010

US Airways reported a first-quarter net loss of USD45 million, narrowed from a USD103 million deficit in the year-ago period, and touted a continuing "rate of improvement" that it said likely will result in a "profitable second quarter." Chairman and CEO Doug Parker said US is...

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