COMPANY EXECS FOCUS ON DISRUPTION: High-speed innovation and digital transformation top leaders' concerns for 2018.

Author:Salierno, D.

Rapid technological changes and disruptive innovation rank as the top concerns among board members and CEOs worldwide, a recent study reports. Specifically, leaders are concerned that changes are outpacing the organization's ability to compete or manage associated risks effectively, according to Executive Perspectives on Top Risks, conducted by Protiviti Inc. and North Carolina State University's Enterprise Risk Management Initiative.

Disruption and technological change outranked fears about economic uncertainty and regulatory scrutiny, which had topped the survey's list of executive and board risk issues over the past several years. In a separate report from EY, both institutional investors and business leaders say new technology innovation--including cloud computing and social media--represents the No. 1 source of disruption. Investors say business models are the second greatest disruptive force, while CEOs say it is changing customer behaviors.

Despite acknowledging these challenges, many CEOs appear ill-prepared to address disruptive change in their organization, according to the EY research. Only half of chief executives surveyed in the firm's CEO Imperative report say they are well-positioned to leverage disruptive change and opportunity. Just 54 percent say they own the company's disruption agenda, and only 43 percent rate their organization as "good" at investing...

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