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Author:Kinder, Peri

Utah is an incubator for successful companies. Tech businesses flock to the state, creating a software industry that other places only dream of. Entrepreneurs discover Utah's talented workforce, team up with dynamic people and launch products and services found nowhere else in the world. From the best of the best, some companies rise to the top, gaining attention and creating a buzz in their industries. These are four of those companies.

Movement Ventures/Boombox

If you've ever taken a Facebook quiz to find out which Brady Bunch character you are, you've interacted with a product created by Movement Ventures.

The company is a group of entrepreneurs, web designers, engineers and self-confessed computer geeks that create interactive content tools anyone can use. Several hundred people use their products for the first time every day and more than 1,000 visitors per week are signing up for the complete set of tools.

Top publishers in the world like Funny or Die, Gawker, College Humor and Vimeo use the products to create online quizzes, polls and lists to engage fans by drawing them in with fun content.

Michigan-native Josh Little founded the company after a trip to Utah introduced him to the wide array of tech talent available in the state. As he got on the plane to fly back to Michigan, he realized he'd just hired his leadership team in Utah and should probably move here. He went back to Michigan, pulled up stakes and relocated, adding another world-class tech company to the state's already impressive list.

Investors were important as Little began to build his network. He says partnering with Kickstarter, Pelion and Peterson was the best decision he made as he brought content creation to the masses.

Products like Qzzr and Pollcaster are used every day by content-generating brands, but it's the new offering, Boombox, that includes all of the company's products plus the ability for teams around the globe to collaborate and work with each other. Boombox launched in October 2015 and its popularity exploded.

"We made a move to make Boombox the public brand of the company," Little says. "You don't see many software companies having multiple brandings for multiple products. Half of our audience are brands and marketers who are driving traffic. But once they have those consumers, they want to convert that interaction into a lead and take the person to the next level of interaction, maybe by following a social media page."

For example, Zenni Optical created a quiz to help potential customers find the eyeglass frames perfect for their lifestyle. They created a nine-question quiz called Find Your Frames that suggested a style of frame based on the answers. It also included a link to...

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