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13C Molecular Inc. (Fayelleville) provides stable-isotope labeled, custom synthesized organic compounds to the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.


AAIPharma Services Corp. (Wilmington and Durham) provides drug Product development services such as formulation development, analytical chemistry and manufacturing. The company's solid-dose manufacturing facility provides clinical and commercial supplies on contract.

AccuGenomics Inc. (Wilmington) develops gene expression tests to diagnose and monitor cancer treatment.

Ace Bio-PharmTech LLC (High Point) uses asymmetric synthesis technologies to develop R&D processes, formulations of branded and generic pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Actavis US (Lincolnton) manufactures OTC and prescription hydrocortisone, anti-fungal and permethrin products as creams, ointments, liquids and suppositories.

Adherex Technologies Inc. (RTP) develops cancer therapeutics. Its lead product under development is Eniluracil, an oral dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase inhibitor to improve the tolerability and effectiveness of oncology drugs.

Adroit Pharmaceutical Development LLC (Durham) identifies new and improved formulations and process technologies. Its primary focus is on inhalation and dermatological product development.

ADS Pharma Consulting LLC (Cary) provides drug development services, including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient route development and manufacture, analytical, pre-and formulation development, clinical batch manufacture and chemistry, manufacturing and controls regulatory affairs.

Advanced Animal Diagnostics Inc. (Morrisville) develops diagnostics to detect and manage disease states, reproductive, nutritional and overall health status of production animals. AAD's first product is a diagnostic test for mastitis in dairy cows.

Advanced Liquid Logic Inc. (RTP) uses digital microfluidics to develop molecular diagnostics, bioassays and life science research tools.

Aerial Biopharma LLC (Morrisville) develops biologic and small-molecule central nervous system therapeutics, including treatments for narcolepsy and chronic pain.

Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc. (RTP) researches and develops treatments for glaucoma.

Affinergy Inc. (RTP) uses biotechnology methods to create application-specific coatings for orthopedic and cardiovascular medical devices.

Agile Sciences Inc. (Raleigh) identifies small molecules that inhibit and disperse bacterial biofilms. The company investigates applications in medicine, agriculture and industry.

Ajinomoto North America (Raleigh) manufactures pharmaceutical-grade amino acids and custom-blended amino acid mixtures.

Alaeras Inc. (Cary) designs and manufactures drug-delivery products. The company develops a platform technology for dry-powder nasal vaccines that do rot require refrigeration.

Aldagen Inc. (Durham) develops adult stern cell products for tissue repair and regeneration.

Alderon BioSciences Inc. (Newport) develops point-of-care diagnostics.

Alera Labs LLC (RTP) provides contract research, molecular microbiology and analytical chemistry laboratory services to small and mid-size pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Algaen Corp. (Winston-Salem) explores microalgae to develop, produce and market products and technologies for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and bio-energy industries.

Alganomics LW (Southport) researches and developing algae-culturing systems to create bioproducts, including biofuels.

Algynomics inc. (Chapel Hill) uses phenotyping and genomics to develop diagnostics and therapeutics for chronic pain and related conditions.

Alion Science and Technology Inc. (Durham) is a Department of Defense contractor that operates four bioscience research laboratories in the Triangle.

Almac Clinical Services (Durham) provides clinical trial material manufacturing, packaging and distribution services.

Almac Diagnostics (Durham) develops biomarkers and molecular diagnostics.

ALP Life Sciences LLC (Black Mountain) develops diagnostics and therapeutics for liver diseases and related inflammatory diseases.

AlphaVax Inc. (RTP) develops vaccine technology with applications in infectious disease, cancer and biodefense threats.

Alte Biosciences Inc. (Cary) develops therapeutics targeting irritable bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis and related disorders.

American Distillation Inc. (Leland) manufactures industrial-grade ethyl alcohol and offers contract manufacturing services such as distillation, dehydration, reaction, carbon treating and blending.

Analytical Solutions Inc. (RTP) provides analytical laboratory services, including product development services and drug diffusion/release studies.

Andersen Scientific Inc. (Morrisville) provides ethylene oxide sterilization and validation services. Andersen's sterilization cycles include microbiological and other testing.

Antech Diagnostics Inc. (Morrisville) provides clinical and veterinary hematology analysis, clinical chemistry, urinalysis and coagulation testing.

APP Pharmaceuticals LLC (Raleigh) manufactures injectable pharmaceutical products in four therapeutic areas: anti-infective, anesthesia/analgesia, critical care and oncology.

Appealing Products Inc. (Raleigh) develops products for forensics and personal protection from toxic materials such as inorganics, gases and poisons in foods, animal feeds and liquids.

Applied Catheter Technologies Inc. (Winston-Salem) develops drug-coated catheters for male urethral stricture and abdominal adhesions.

Applied Micro Products Inc. (Chapel Hill) manufactures wood preservation products such as AMP21, a natural carbon source encased in a time-release delivery system.

Applied Pharma Research USA LLC (Charlotte) develops and licenses oral and topical healthcare products and drug-delivery systems. APR also provides contract R&D services. The Charlotte site is the US headquarters and business development office.

Aptiv Solutions (Morrisville and Raleigh) offers adaptive clinical trials, translational research services, regulatory services, pharmacovigilance, clinical staffing and other operational clinical research support

Arbovax Inc. (Raleigh) develops vaccines against arthropod-borne diseases. Arbovax's technology modifies arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses) to prevent them from replicating in mammalian cells.

Archer Daniels Midland foss (Southport) manufacturing plant in Southport makes citric acid used in soft drinks and food products.

Argos Therapeutics inc. (Durham) develops immunotherapy treatments for cancer and infectious diseases.

Array BioPharma Inc. (Morrisville) develops targeted, small-molecule drugs to treat cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Arysta LifeScience North America LLC (Cary) develops and manufactures crop protection products.

Ascletis Inc. (Chapel Hill) develops treatments for cancer and infectious diseases.

Asinex (Winson-Salem) designs small-molecule libraries and provides lead optimization, custom synthesis and other chemistry services. The Wnston-Salem location is the company's US headquarters.

Asklepios Biopharmaceutical Inc. (Chapel Hili) develops protein-and cellular-based therapies using a proprietary technology platform called Biological Nano Particles (BNP).

Asymchem Laboratories (Morrisville) provides contract chemical - and drug-manufacturing services. Asymchem's administrative headquarters is in North Carolina and its manufacturing pants are in China.

Attagene Inc. (RTP) develops cell-based assays that are used to evaluate the mode of action and toxicity of chemical compounds and drug candidates.

Avioq Inc. (RIP) develops immunodiagnostic assays for retrovirus detection.

Avjet Biotech Inc. (Pinehurst) has two divisions: Red Wolf Refining, whose thermal catalytic relining system converts triglycerides into aviation biofuels; and Pinehurst Biologics, which produces enzymes and other products from algae.

Avoca Inc. (Merry Hill) develops and manufactures botanical extraction products. Avoca also provides extraction services on contract.

b3bio Inc. (RTP) develops RNA oligonuleotide-based drugs to treat cancer, inflammation and infection.

Banner Pharmacaps Inc. (High Point) researches, develops and produces gelatin-based oral dosage products.

BASF Corp. (RTP) researches and develops plant-health products such as fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. The RTP site represents the company's Crop Protection Chemicals business.

BASF Plant Science LP (RTP) conducts plant biotechnology research and develops. agricultural products through its gene-discovery platform, focusing on yield and quality traits in crops such as corn, soybeans and rice.


Baxter Healthcare Corp. (Marion) produces intravenous and peritoneal dialysis solutions, as well as empty containers and component parts for other Baxter facilities.

Bayer CropScience LP (RTR Clayton and Morrisville) uses the tools of plant biotechnology to develop...

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