Community strategy.


Over the years, some of FEI's chapters have done an outstanding job of recruiting and retaining members. Chapters that achieve the "best in class" for their respective categories are rewarded at the Annual Summit Conference with recognition in front of their peers and banners to display at their local meetings. * So what do the best chapters do to develop and increase their membership rosters? We asked a few of the 2012-2013 winners, and here's what they said:

What were/are the membership numbers?

On July 1, 2012 we had 130 members and on March 31, 2013, we had 145 members.

Overall, how did you make this growth happen?

We have very structured plans. We target individuals in the city at leading and emerging companies. We have quarterly membership committee (four members on the committee, including myself) meetings to discuss prospects and how to best approach the people. Who knows them or do they have a connection? We invite the prospects to lunch or coffee to discuss FEI and its benefits. We have a dedicated person working on retention. We utilize the chapter activity report and delinquent dues report to start reaching out to people 30 days to 60 days before their membership expires. This has helped in retaining membership.

What specific steps/techniques are used?

I also reach out personally to delinquent members when we receive a reminder email from national to a delinquent member. This lets them know we are following up at the local level and care about our members.

What advice would you give to other chapters wanting to grow their membership?

Plan your work, and work your plan. Have specific members of the committee working prospects as we do, as well as dedicated people working on retention.

What is your chapter's plan for 2013-2014?

We drew up a list of 50 prospects and have our membership committee members reaching out to them. We are still having quarterly membership meetings to discuss progress. We also have a contest for the membership committee member who brings in the most new members as an incentive, recognizing that everyone on the committee is a volunteer.

There is nothing more important for a membership organization to perpetuate itself than to grow its roster. In order to accomplish growth, the key is in presenting activities that are of continued interest to current membership and to constantly develop its pipeline of new people.

What were/are the membership numbers?

We began the chapter year (in September 2012) with 79...

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