Community Integration Work-book.

Author:Hudson, Scott
Position:Book review

Community Integration Work-book by Stephen Fraley, Biddle Publishing Co., Brunswick, Maine, 2008, 160 pp.

Stephen Fraley's ambitious project results in a 12-chapter workbook that addresses several issues facing offenders returning to the community. He includes chapters on such topics as family concerns, decision-making, substance abuse and employment. This workbook is Fraley's straightforward effort to assist offenders, based on the experience he has gleaned in working with this population. It is a directed, self-help offenders help themselves.

This user-friendly workbook may be of interest to the "group-oriented" corrections counselor, social worker, release planner, prison educator, case manager or supervising agent. The material appears best covered in a group format with individual homework assignments. Because Fraley poses questions that demand a fairly astute level of insight, the workbook may be more suitable for higher-functioning offenders.

Fraley realizes that one size does not fit all and encourages participants to use the parts of the workbook that are helpful to them. The workbook provides a useful outline and gives guidance to the offender reintegrating to the community. In addition, it is nicely...

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