A Commonplace Book of Pie.

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A Commonplace Book of Pie

Kate Lebo, author

Jessica Lynn Bonin, illustrator Chin Music Press

2621 24th Ave W., Seattle, WA 98199-3407

9780985041670 $17.95 www.chinmusicpress.com

A Commonplace Book of Pie features a handful of recipes for making beloved favorite pies, such as Mumbleberry, Cherry Rhubarb, Peach Ginger, and "master recipe" basics that can be adapted to one's own culinary creations, yet it's only partly a cookbook. The majority of A Commonplace Book of Pie is devoted to vignettes, history tidbits, and musings about different types of pies, including what one's favorite type of pie may communicate about one personally, interspersed with...

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