Common thread.

Author:Katz, Steve

Take a look at our Industry News section and notice what the several label company M&A stories have in common. There's a consistent thread among the acquisitions for Resource Label Group, Inovar Packaging and Fortis Solutions Group--private equity ownership groups are continuing to ramp up their M&A activity, adding to what already is a company with multiple label manufacturing operations. They are expanding geographically while at the same time entering new label markets.

Look further, and you'll see more similarities. A testament to the health of our industry, these investment groups have no plans on stopping anytime soon. Take Inovar Packaging, for example. Commenting on its acquisition of Miami-based Topp Labels, Inovar CEO John Atayek says, "We seek label and flexible packaging companies in combination with business owners and management who align with our culture and overall strategy... Further, we are focused on extending Inovar's reach into other major prime label markets in the Mid-Atlantic, Central and Western regions of the country. Expanding into these key areas will enhance our ability to respond quickly to serve clients of all sizes, including enterprise-class organizations with multiple locations."

Large companies are looking to get larger. For Resource Label Group (RLG), the addition of Ingenious Packaging--which expands the company's reach into Canada--is the 11th acquisition since 2011 for its investment groups. If my math is correct, that's nearly two acquisitions a year. RLG is also showing no signs of slowing down.

Fortis Solutions Group is another M&A newsmaker whose ownership group is making it clear there is more to come, closing its news release...

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