Committees focus on best practices and current issues facing governments.

Author:Mucha, Michael J.

In December 2017, GFOA's standing committees met to work on best practices in six areas of government finance--accounting, auditing, and financial reporting; budgeting and fiscal policy; governmental debt management; economic treasury and investment management. (GFOA's committee on Canadian Issues will meet in January.) GFOAs standing committees serve a crucial function for the organization, providing direction for our services by formulating new policies and raising professional standards via best practices.

To better communicate GFOA's best practices with members and to help governments implement best practices, GFOA is developing a number of resource centers on our website that will group best practices by topic and provide supporting guides, templates, examples, and other resources. Please check out the new resources at

The winter meeting is also an opportunity for committee members to discuss current topics facing governments. A number of changes are expected this year, with the upcoming change in administration in Washington D.C., including on tax reform. Early indications suggest a preference for eliminating many tax exemptions, including the exemption for interest on municipal bonds--an issue of primary importance to nearly all governments. Three-quarters of all public infrastructure...

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