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Admiralty Law

The scope and function of the Admiralty Law Committee is to study and keep members of the Bar informed of recent developments in the field of admiralty law. The committee along with the Rules Committees should review and study the portions of the Federal Rules of Procedure and United States Code relating to admiralty matters and local rules relating to admiralty matters in the various United States district courts in Florida. The committee may study and consider matters in the area of admiralty law and procedure as may be developed by the committee or assigned by the president or Board of Governors and assist in developing continuing legal education courses for persons designated in admiralty law.

Term Expires Christian David Keedy, Chair 2004 7931 SW 59th Avenue South Miami 33143-5513 (305)667-9980 Mark Robin Ercolin, Vice Chair 2004 901 SE 17th ST., Ste. 210 Ft. Lauderdale 33316-2955 (954)792-5425 Eilon Krugman-Kadi, Vice Chairman 2004 824 E. University Ave. P.O. Box 1246 Gainesville 32602-1246 (352)376-0006 Andrew W. Anderson, Miami 2004 William Russell Boeringer, Miami 2004 Neil O'Kane Bowman, Denver, CO 2004 Douglas Crane Broeker, Miami 2004 Mark Jeffrey Buhler, Orlando 2004 Sergio Rafael Casiano, Jr., South Miami 2004 William Edward Cassidy, Miami 2004 Michael E. Conroy, Ft. Lauderdale 2004 Barbara A. Cook, Stuart 2004 Lawrance Belknap Craig III, Miami 2004 Robert Alexander Craven, St. Petersburg 2004 Stephen Jerome Darmody, Miami 2004 Charles Gullete De Leo, Miami 2004 Scott A. Disalvo, Ft. Lauderdale 2004 Benjamin Randall Eustice, Conover, NC 2004 Ford John Fegert, Vero Beach 2004 Ronald Alfred FitzGerald, Ft. Lauderdale 2004 Joanne Mary Foster, Miami 2004 Thomas Arthur Freehling, Hollywood 2004 Michael Alexandar Garcia, Miami 2004 James Daryl Gassenheimer, Miami 2004 Alex M. Gonzales, Miami 2004 Christine Ann Guard, Tallahassee 2004 Kenneth Gale Hawkes, Coral Gables 2004 John H. Hickey, Miami 2004 Brian Patrick Hill, West Palm Beach 2004 David J. Horr, Miami 2004 Teri Michelle Jones, Orlando 2004 David Pirritte Karcher, Miami 2004 Allan Richard Kelley, Miami 2004 Scott Kuhn, Ft. Myers 2004 Jennifer Nicole Labbe, West Palm Beach 2004 Curtis Jay Mase, Miami 2004 Richard James McAlpin, Miami 2004 Michael John McHale, Jensen Beach 2004 Michael William McLeod, Boca Raton 2004 William Barry Milliken, Coral Gables 2004 Stephen Manning Moon, Port Canaveral 2004 Michael T. Moore, Miami 2004 Jacob John Munch, Tampa 2004 David Avellar Neblett, Coral Gables 2004 Carl Richard Nelson, Tampa 2004 Patricia Kathleen Olney, Port Canaveral 2004 Robert Dwight Peltz, Ft. Lauderdale 2004 James Hubert Perry II, Miami 2004 Michael A. Pfundstein, Ft., Lauderdale 2004 Nathaniel G. Whitnel Pieper, Tampa 2004 David Henry Pollack, Miami 2004 Frederick Lincoln Pollack, Tampa 2004 Alan Sanders Richard, Tallahassee 2004 Brett Alan Rivkind, Miami 2004 Ronald Thomas Romeo, Jacksonville 2004 Nicolas George Sakellis, Miami 2004 Timothy Peter Shusta, Tampa 2004 Patricia Rombach Spivey, Cape Canaveral 2004 Courtney Wilder Stanton, Jacksonville 2004 Donald Warren Strader, Miami 2004 John Howard Thomas, Miami 2004 Vicente Agustin Tome, Miami 2004 Ervin Amado Gonzalez, Board Liaison Coral Gables 2004 Admiralty & Maritime Certification

Term Expires Charles Gullette De Leo, Chair 2006 Fowler White, et al. 100 SE 2nd St., Fl. 17 Miami 33131-2158 (305)789-9220 Andrew L. Waks, Vice Chair 2005 7103 SW 102nd Ave Miami 33173-1364 (305)271-8282 Mark Jeffrey Buhler, Orlando 2006 Christian David Keedy, South Miami 2005 Richard James McAlpin, Miami 2004 Joseph Payne Milton, Jacksonville 2006 Patricia Kathleen Olney, Port Canaveral 2004 Domingo Carlos Rodriguez, Coral Gables 2005 Allen Kuno Von Spiegelfeld, Tampa 2004 Ervin Amado Gonzales, Board Liaison Coral Gables 2004 Advertising

The scope and function of the Advertising Committee is to administer the advertising evaluation program set forth in Rule 4-7.5, Rules of Professional Conduct. The committee is charged with the responsibility of advising members of The Florida Bar on permissible advertising and solicitation practices. This responsibility is accomplished through the issuance of written advisory opinions, the evaluation of advertisements required to be filed with the committee, and the development of a handbook on advertising for the guidance of and dissemination to members of The Florida Bar. In addition, the committee is empowered to recommend to the board of governors such amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct as the committee believes are appropriate.

Term Expires Shane Thomas Munoz, Chair 2006 Zinober & McCrea P.O. Box 1378 Tampa 33601-1378 (813)224-9004 John Calhoun Bales, Vice Chair 2004 Bales Weinstein P.O. Box 172179 Tampa 33672-0179 (813)910-0200 Kimberly Hall Doyle, Hollywood 2005 Adrienne Katz, Orlando 2005 Merlin R. Langley, Tallahassee 2006 John L. Remsen, Jr., Ft. Lauderdale 2004 Kimberly Sands, Daytona Beach 2004 John George White III, Board Liaison West Palm Beach 2004 Annual Meeting

The scope and function of the Annual Meeting Committee is to assist the president in the planning and coordination of the annual meeting of The Florida Bar. The committee is appointed by the president early in his administrative year. From within the committee, members are given responsibilities for entertainment, sports, sponsorships and others to assist the president in the general planning of the meeting. The committee will usually meet as early as nine months prior to the annual meeting for a planning session. Further meetings occur approximately every two months. At these meetings members may offer suggestions to the president regarding speakers, entertainment, a general format, and receive instructions concerning their individual responsibilities.

Term Expires Gregory William Coleman 2005 Burman, Critton, Luttier & Coleman 515 N. Flagler Dr., Ste 400 West Palm Beach 33401-4349 (561)842-2820 Michele Kane Cummings, Vice Chair 2005 Ruden McClosky Smith Schuster & Russell,P.A. P.O. Box 1900 Ft. Lauderdale 33302-1900 (954)764-6660 Jennifer Jean Ator, Miami 2004 Frank Moor Bedell, Orlando 2004 Joshua Adam Blacksten, Marathon 2006 Vivian Paraskevi Cocotas, Orlando 2004 Ashley E. Frost, Orlando 2004 Lynn Ann Howell, St. Petersburg 2006 Kyle Vincent Mitchell, Tallahassee 2005 Dara S. Niad, Boca Raton 2006 Sheri Eva Nott, Miami 2006 Robert Conrad Palmer III, Pensacola 2004 James Cyril Shew, Middletown, OH 2006 Scott Owen Stigall, Tampa 2004 Deborah Wendy Young, Ft, Lauderdale 2005 Nancy Wood Gregoire, Board Liaison Ft. Lauderdale 2004 Antitrust and Trade Regulation Law Certification

Term Expires Patricia Ann Conners, Chair 2005 Dept. of Legal Affairs 400 S. Monroe St., PL-01 Tallahassee 32399-6536 (850)414-3600 Jonathan C. Koch, Vice Chair 2006 Salem Saxon, P.A. 101 E. Kennedy Blvd., Ste. 3200 Tampa 33602-5151 (813)224-9000 Douglas Bruce Brown, Orlando 2004 Chris Steven Coutroulis, Tampa 2005 Kimberly Lionel King, Tallahassee 2005 Edward Camillee LaRose, Tampa 2004 Hal Kemp Litchford, Orlando 2005 Stephen E. Nagin, Miami 2006 Scott Eliot Perwin, Miami 2004 Ian M. Comisky, Board Liaison Philadelphia, PA 2004 Appellate Court Rules

The Scope and function of the Appellate Court Rules Committee is to carry out the mandate of Rule 2.130, Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, concerning the proposal of new rules of procedure and changes to existing rules.

Term Expires Mark K. Leban (CO), Chair 2006 175 NW 1st Ave., Ste. 2322 Miami 33128-1846 (305)349-5756 Barbara Anne Eagan, Vice Chair 2005 Arnold Matheny & Eagan P.O. Box 2967 Orlando 32802-2967 (407)841-1550 Siobhan Helene Shea, Vice Chair 2005 P.O. Box 2436 Palm Beach 33480-2436 (561)655-4114 Kimberly A. Ashby, Orlando 2005 C. Suzanne Bechard, Tampa 2006 Marilyn Nemzura Beuttenmuller, West Palm Beach 2004 Robert Erich Baisotti, St. Petersburg 2004 James Curtis Blecke, Miami 2005 Steven L. Brannock, Tampa 2005 Raoul G. Cantero III (SC), * Tallahassee 2004 Natalie Jessica Carlos, Miami 2006 Shannon McLin-Carlyle, The Villages 2005 Jennifer Suzzane Carroll, Palm Beach Gardens 2005 Michael B. Chavies (CC), Miami 2006 Virginia Maria Covington (DCA), Lakeland 2004 Curtis Mitchell French, Tallahassee 2006 Gary Steven Gaffney, Davie 2005 Betsy Ellwnger Gallagher, Tampa 2006 Kristy Janda Gavin, Jacksonville 2004 David Robert Gemmer, St. Petersburg 2006 Katherine Eastmoore Giddings, Tallahassee 2005 Douglas James Glaid, Ft. Lauderdale 2004 Robert Steven Glazier, Miami 2004 Robert W. Goldman, Naples 2005 Edward George Guedes, Miami 2006 Valeria Hendricks, Tampa 2004 Lucinda Ann Hofmann, Miami 2006 Susan Odzer Hugentugler, Boca Raton 2005 Terrence Edward Kehoe, Orlando 2006 Patricia Joan Kelly (DCA), Lakeland 2004 Susan L. Kelsey,Tallahassee 2004 A.Hinda Klein, Hollywood 2006 Calianne P. Lantz, Miami 2006 John Joseph Lazzara (JCC), Tallahassee 2004 Jay Mitchell Levy, Miami 2004 Joseph Lewis, Jr. (DCA), Tallahassee 2004 Scott Alan Mager, Ft. Lauderdale 2005 Maria Charles McGuinness, Miami 2006 Rebecca Mercier-Vargas, West Palm Beach 2004 James Whitelaw Middleton, Jacksonville 2006 John Stewart Mills, Jacksonville 2006 Jamie Billote Moses, Orlando 2005 Edward Maurice Mullins, Miami 2005 Paul L. Nettleton, Miami 2005 Kathleen Mary O,Connor, Miami 2005 David Brian Pakula, Ft. Lauderdale 2005 Gregory Joseph Philo, Tallahassee 2005 Ricky Polston (DCA), Tallahassee 2006 Robert Henry Pritchard, Jacksonville 2005 Robert Dwane Pritt, Ft. Myers 2006 Juan Ramirez, Jr. (DCA), Miami 2005 Randall Odo Reder, Tampa 2004 Jack Roy Reiter, Miami 2006 Gary L. Sasso, St. Petersburg 2004 Alan R. Schwartz (DCA), Miami 2006 Harvey Joel Sepler, Miami 2004 Rodolfo Sorondo, Jr., Miami 2005 Douglas Howard Stein, Miami 2006 Robert Henley Sturgess, Jacksonville 2005 Patrice Ann Talisman, Miami 2005 Robert Lon Teitler, Miami 2006 Frances Hope Toomey, Tampa 2006 Brandon Stuart Vesely, St. Petersburg 2004 Dennis Joseph Wall, Orlando 2006 Peter D. Webster...

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