Position:Technology Tools - XML Global Technologies Inc. introduces GoXML Transform Central - Brief Article

XML Global Technologies Inc., an eXtensible markup language (XML) middleware company based in Vancouver, BC, has released GoXML[TM] Transform Central, an extended e-business transaction platform. The new product expands the capabilities of GoXML's Transform Foundation by providing dynamic transformation solutions in Web service environments. It leverages the newest advanced registry technologies to help users locate the right product or service from a company with acceptable business terms.

GoXML Transform Central is a modular and scalable platform that enables integration with back-end systems, partners, suppliers and customers using both business analyst and developer interfaces. It incorporates a variety of enabling technologies based on open standards for registries, message services and core component management. This functionality aids an enterprise in reducing the costs and time of integration projects. In addition, Central also allows data transformations to be published as Web services, permitting...

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