A Commentary on the Apocalypse of John.

Author:Perry, Peter
Position:Book review

A commentary on the Apocalypse of John. By Edmondo F. Lupieri. Translated by Maria Poggi Johnson and Adam Kamesar. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2006. xxx and 395 pages. Paper. $36.00.

Edmondo Lupieri reads the Apocalypse as a polemic between Jewish groups, especially in light of Qumran. His commentary is divided into three sections: an introduction, translation with Greek text, and verse-by-verse commentary.

The introduction gives an overview of the history of interpretation and discusses Jewish Apocalyptic with emphasis on inter-Jewish conflict. The translation helpfully juxtaposes the Greek text and English translation. It offers fresh choices such as "marsh of fire" rather than "lake." It consistently renders Greek roots to help readers detect repetition (e.g., prostitution and prostitute).

The commentary addresses each verse without introductory sections and consistently draws parallels with Enochic and Qumranic literature. He finds the sectarian quality more suited for Qumran than Asia Minor. The radical separation from other Jews evident in Qumran's sectarian documents leads him to find polemic against non-Christian Jews in almost every verse of the Apocalypse, even though such...

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