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Literary Fiction

Still Life with Bread Crumbs [pipe] ANNA

QUINDLEN: Quindlen (Rise and Shine, **** Nov/Dec 2006; Blessings **** Jan/Feb 2003) may be one of our best serious feel-good writers. In her seventh novel, a New York City photographer who thinks her best days are behind her flees to an isolated country cabin, only to meet a younger man who helps her pick up the pieces of her life. JAN Orfeo [pipe] RICHARD POWERS: Powers (The Echo Maker features composer Peter Els (dubbed the "Bioterrorist Bach"), who delves into the past as he tries to escape a terrifying present. JAN

Orfeo [pipe] Richard Powers: Powers (The Echo Maker HHHJ Jan/Feb 2007 F Nat ional Book Award ) explores the effects of modern science, technology, and music on ordinary folk. Orfeo, inspired by the myth of Orpheus, features composer Peter Els (dubbed the "Bioterrorist Bach"), who delves into the past as he tries to escape a terrifying present. JAN

The Invention of Wings [pipe] SUE MONK Kidd:

Kidd, whose The Secret Life of Bees (2002) was a commercial and critical success, wasn't as lucky with her second novel, The Mermaid Chair (*** July/Aug 2005). Kidd now turns to the life of a young slave girl in early 19th-century Charleston who is given to the master's daughter (inspired by the historical figure Sarah Grimke). Over the decades, each girl shapes the fate of the other as their destinies intertwine. JAN

Carthage [pipe] JOYCE CAROL OATES: JCO writes a book or month. Not really, but it sure seems that way. Like many of her previous novels, Carthage focuses on the family and the macabre-inter-twined, of course. A young girl disappears into the Adirondacks, and an Iraq War veteran is the suspect. JAN

On Such a Full Sea [pipe] CHANG-RAE LEE: A first generation Korean-American, Lee explored such heavy themes as ethnic identity, assimilation, and war in The Surrendered (**** SELECTION May/ June 2010) and Aloft (**** July/Aug 2004). On Such a Full Sea examines the repercussions, for one woman, of a socially stratified future America divided into a labor class of Chinese immigrants and elite charter villages. JAN

Ripper I ISABEL AL-LENDE: Allende needs little introduction. Set in Francisco, the site of some of her previous novels, Ripper features an MIT-bound teenage sleuth who vows to find a serial killer when her mother disappears. And she's addicted to Ripper, an online mystery game. JAN

The Guts [pipe] RODDY DOYLE: Doyle is an Irish novelist, screenwriter, short story...

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