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Position:And the Mountains Echoed - Americanah - The Silver Star - Book review

Literary Fiction

And the Mountains Echoed | KHALED HOSSEINI: Hosseini explored Afghan life in The Kite Runner (**** Sept/Oct 2003) and A Thousand Splendid Sons (**** Selection July/Aug 2007). In this multigenerational family story, whose overarching tale features a brother and sister torn apart at an early age and which covers a lot of territory--from Kabul to Greece to Paris to San Francisco--he offers his take on the different variations of love. MAY


Americanah | CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE: Born and raised in Nigeria, MacArthur "genius grant" recipient Adichie has captivated the literary world with her vivid stories of African families trying to survive political, religious, and social instability (Half of a Yellow Sun ***** Nov/Dec 2006). Americanah toggles between Nigeria, America, and London, and a young man and woman who, as teenagers in Lagos, fell in love. Years later, they face untold challenges. MAY

The Silver Star | JEANNETTE WALLS: Walls examined her hardscrabble roots in The Glass Castle (**** Selection July/Aug 2005). Walls mines childhood difficulties once again in this novel. Two sisters, abandoned by their psychotic mother, hop on a bus in California for their uncle's home in rural Virginia, where they attempt to uncover their parents' roots while dealing with the injustices and abuses of the adult world. JUNE


Big Brother | LIONEL SHRIVER: Best known for We Need to Talk About Kevin (**** Sept/Oct 2003), Shriver does not shy away from big, ugly questions. In Big Brother, she tackles familial duties, obesity, and marriage. When middle-aged Pandora's brother, a jazz musician, comes to visit her family, he has gained so much weight he is almost unrecognizable. Pandora is soon torn between her brother and her husband's issues. JUNE

Sisterland | CURTIS SITTENFELD: Twins Kate and Violet ("Vi") were born with psychic powers. As adults, Vi has become a psychic medium, while Kate, who always hid her abilities, has settled down with a family. When Vi predicts a large-scale catastrophe around the St. Louis area, where they both live, Kate must address some hard truths about her sister and herself. JUNE

Lexicon | MAX BARRY: Barry satirized a privatized American government in Jennifer Government (2003) and corporate America in Company (**** Selection May/June 2006). Through two seemingly unrelated characters in Lexicon, Barry sets his eyes on the power of language, poetry, identity, and...

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