Coming of Age in Berkeley.

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Coming of Age in Berkeley

Jake Warner

Courtyard Editions

9790692106432, $16.95, PB, 372pp,

Synopsis: Romance is the furthest thing from Tamiko Gashkin's mind when she drops her copy of the Brothers' Karamazov on the path through Faculty Glade on the Cal Berkeley campus. Imagine, then, how stunned this almost 16-year-old brainiac athlete is when she's instantly beguiled by Alec Burns, the shaggy-haired college senior who not only retrieves her book, but pledges his affection.

But how is a high school girl who has never been kissed to cope with a far more sophisticated older guy given that almost everyone in their world disapproves, especially Tamiko's protective single mom, Amy?

Indeed this modern fairy tale might have been squelched right there were it not for the appearance of Max, a demonic psychopath from Amy's past ready to destroy everyone in his way. But with survival now the overwhelming...

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