Coming of Age in BAM.

Author:Saloy, Mona Lisa

Coming of Age in BAM Last of the jim crow generation: jim crow named for a minstrel show White man in black face show called Jumping Jim Crow into Black Codes, laws after the Civil War After Emancipation How whites react to new-found Negro rights: legal separation of races We planned attacks with Homer Plessy NOLA Civil Rights vs Fergusson push to Integrate public transportation Some Blacks to Congress Public Education for all a first! Ku Klux Klan rose with 1st national blockbuster film, racist D. W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation, then peoples' protests NAACP & Urban League fight, later Emmet Till & Scottsborough Boys fuel our rage Brown vs Board of Education Ignites hope A child in the separate 1950s Colored only restrooms, restaurants Leftovers turned Soul Food Cuisine Great Colored Cafes, Juke Joints Back of town, Jazz blossomed, bound by Colored-only water fountains Get groceries at the rear or side window Couldn't sit at public counters No Colored electricians, plumbers, truck drivers, all illegal Some passed for white to survive, Some to infiltrate enemy plans Backyard parties, suppers, Second Lines, We passed a good time together anyway, Us, culturally covered, cozy, & Colored Fueled by World Black Consciousness Movement, David Walker, Marcus Garvey legacies, alongside Rise of machines Folks fed by Marx critiques of capitalism, abuses of labor WWII-Blacks in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Forces saving peace jim crow still ugly once home 1949 Chinese Revolution 1959 Cuban Revolution International Black Intellectuals: Aime Cesaire, Martinique Nelson Mandela, South Africa Ngugi Wa Thiong'o, Kenya A teen of the 1960s Civil Rights Act passed in 1963 Not enforced until the 1970s Larry Neal & Leroi Jones make Black Fire Our Christian names flew into African tongues Abena, girl born on Tuesday Kofi, boy born on Friday 1961, Amiri Baraka arrested at United Nations protesting murder of Patrice Lumumba, Congo Independence movements in Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee) Detroit Red blasted into Malcolm X Taught resistance "by any means necessary," then fire bombed Touched by God into Minister El Hajj Malik el-Shabazz Killed February 21st, 1965 Stokely Carmichael introduced Black Power slogan June 1966 Reviving Garvey We divorced the Colored, Negro Eyes-to-the-ground cower for African Dashiki-wearing Gospel singing Lifting Every Voice Black became beautifully bold Kinks, Curls, Afro Puffs fanned...

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