Combat Troops to Business Suits: Franchises offer veterans the chance to transition to post-military success.

Author:Farrar, Danny

Before veterans ever raise their right hand, they had heard the old saying, "Employers love to hire veterans." Post-military employment is among the driving factors that incentivize many to join the armed forces. Yet, for so many, when the time comes to trade in the combat uniform for a business suit, they find themselves struggling to make the transition successfully. Was "be all you can be" a myth, or is it because of the great veteran paradox?

On one hand, veterans grossly overestimate their worth, while at the same time completely underestimating their value. How many times have we seen the E-4 that transitions after one year and assumes the ATF S.W.A.T. team will pick him up? While that isn't a complete impossibility, it is highly improbable.

On the other hand, veterans have been raised not to be braggadocious. They believe the focus shouldn't be on them, but rather the accomplishment of the mission. Often, this coupled with differing vernacular used in the civilian landscape, leads them to undersell themselves in job interviews. Unless the interviewer comes from a military background, acronyms like PLDC, BNOC, SSG, or S1 Officer might as well be French to them.

That language barrier hurts the employer and the employee. Veterans have a wealth of knowledge and experience. More times than not, anything they are missing in hard skills for the position are made up for with an abundance of soft skills. Furthermore, veterans are agents of change, being especially adept at leading in chaotic and ever-changing environments. After operating in the worst elements, at all hours of the night with little to no sleep and...

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