Comacsa: the non-metal mining company that bridges two worlds.


One of the proposals of the Pedro Pablo Kyczynski (PPK) administration is to encourage increasing the value added component in each phase of mining production.

In order to understand PPK's proposal we've analyzed Comacsa, a pioneering and leading Peruvian enterprise in industrial mineral extraction and transformation.

Founded 68 years ago, Comacsa utilizes non-metal minerals extracted from a range of deposits throughout the country to manufacture a wide array of materials. These are then used in the production of materials such as paint, glass, glue, PVC pipes, white cement, and balanced foodstuffs.

While Peru is primarily focused on polymetal mining, over 34 nonmetal minerals exist, among them silicates, phosphates, limestone, clay, gypsum, quartz, mica, diatomite, kaolin, pyrophyllites, talc, bentonite, calcite, travertine, marble, and pozzolans.

Juan Jose Ballen, Comacsa's CEO states, "Non-metal mining provides domestically produced supplies used to produce textiles, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paint, agricultural goods, poultry food, oil, mining, food and drink." According to the Export Association (ADEX, its Spanish acronym), this activity represents 1.34 % of Peru's GDP in 2014 and generates an estimated $1 billion in revenues for the country.

"We extract minerals from diverse locations throughout the country, many of them located over 13,000 feet above sea level. Afterwards, we transform them, adding value in 'mineral benefit', in so far as it adds value to the...

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