Babies now come with an instruction guide is the leading Spanish language web site specifically designed to support the needs of parents before, during and after pregnancy. "We are very excited by the tremendous response we have received from consumers around the world. We believe this has to do both with being the first in the space and the quality and depth of our content, interactive tools, community and e-commerce," says Joseph Braun, chief executive officer of the Miami-based company. benefits from the wave of Latin Americans going online to seek information and advice and to buy their favorite brands and products. For couples who are planning a baby, provides information on fertility and ovulation schedules. Expecting parents can learn about prenatal health care, search for popular names in the database and shop in a virtual mall of baby products. New parents can post the news and photo on their own web page for just their friends and family to see, and TodoBebe's special service will e-deliver the announcement. In terms of e-commerce, through its registry service, family members in the United States will be able to go to to purchase a crib or baby stroller for delivery to a relative in any country in Latin America within 24 or 48 hours. has chosen a pan-regional yet country-by-country strategy. "We leverage the synergies of being a pan-regional player. However, we are also fully aware of the unique needs and preferences of each country," says Braun. "This is why we are in the process of setting up local management in key markets to adapt regional strategies and produce relevant local content and e-commerce. We are also forging alliances with local media and commerce partners who understand the realities of their markets and facilitate our country-by-country penetration." has already been labeled as a major provider and producer of baby-related content, serving firms like "This is a niche market -- but it is a very broad niche that touches families around the world," says Braun.


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