Colt: 'We're Getting Stronger'.

Author:Spitale, Paul S.
Position::LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Letter to the editor

In response to the Letter to the Editor ("Response To Colt's Progress") in the April issue, we at Colt would like to reiterate we're very proud of the enormous progress we've made during the last 14 months, as detailed in the Dec. 2015 Shooting Industry issue ("Colt Rebuilds Commercial Business, Sets Bold Goals," Industry Watch).

We have re-engineered some wonderful new offerings, like the Colt Competition Pistol, Slim-line 6920 M4 Rifle, our new Colt Combat Unit Pistol and our Lightweight Commander. Additionally, we've made tremendous strides supporting consumers by getting them access to the full range of these Colt offerings, as our previous distribution fell short of fully making those connections.

Today we have a strong network of more than 3,000 Colt Stocking Dealers, and our support for those dealers grows by the day. We are very...

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