Colorful Sleepy Sheep.

AuthorTavener, Janie
PositionChildren's review - Book review

Work Title: Colorful Sleepy Sheep

Work Author(s): Rory Zuckerman, Maryn Roos

Little Lion Press

14 color illustrations, 17 pages, Hardcover w/audio CD $7.95

Children's Picture Book

ISBN: 9780979639326

Reviewer: Janie Tavener

"I'm not really tired / I can't fall asleep / I think I need help / From my friends, Sleepy Sheep!" Sheep have been sleep-makers for all time, so it is fitting that they do so for children in a silly, yet educational way. Zuckerman's Colorful Sleepy Sheep entertains preschoolers as they learn colors and laugh their way through the book, in preparation for bedtime. Rhythmic phrases are easy for young ones to understand: "Please say hello to sheep fireman Ted. He's driving an engine that's shiny and red!" Eleven colors are introduced to children---from purple to chartreuse---by animated characters and sheep with endearing, silly grins. The accompanying CD features the author's clear, lively voice reading the story with comical sound effects. The piano symphony, played on black and white keys, clanging of the fire bell, revving of the red tractor, and squawking from the blue parrot will hold everyone's attention. Children will giggle at the end of each page, as the turn signal is the bleating of a sheep. A goodnight surprise, reminiscent of The Waltons, at the end of the musical version adds a note of amusement.

Writing children's books seems natural for Zuckerman, who in the 1990s...

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