Colorado Supreme Court Rules Committees, 0719 COBJ, Vol. 48, No. 7 Pg. 75

Position:Vol. 48, 7 [Page 75]

48 Colo.Law. 75

Colorado Supreme Court Rules Committees

Vol. 48, No. 7 [Page 75]

Colorado Lawyer

July, 2019


Rule Change 2019(10) Rules Governing Admission to the Practice of Law in Colorado

Rule 206. Petitions to the Supreme Court for Waiver of Admissions Requirements

(1) Applicability. This rule applies only to petitions for waiver of specific attorney admissions eligibility requirements or restrictions set forth in C.R.C.P. 203 through C.R.C.P. 205.7 and C.R.C.R 211.3. Nothing herein is deemed a limitation on the Supreme Court's plenary jurisdiction set forth in C.R.C.P. 202.1 and C.R.C.P. 212.

(2) Requirements for and Content of Petition. The petitioner must file a petition setting forth the relief sought, the specific admissions eligibility requirements or restrictions at issue with citations to applicable rules, and the grounds for relief. The petitioner has the burden of showing that the Supreme Court should grant the relief requested. The petition also must include: a statement that petitioner has conferred with the Office of Attorney Admissions; a recital of the position of the Office of Attorney Admissions as to the relief sought; and a certificate of service.

(3) Docketing of Petition, Caption and Fees. Petitions under this rule must be filed with the Supreme Court. Upon the filing of the petition, petitioner must pay to the clerk of the Supreme Court the docket fee as set by the Court. The petition caption must include the phrase "Original Proceeding in Attorney Admissions pursuant to C.R.C.P. 206" and the matter shall be docketed by the Clerk of the Supreme Court as: SUPREME COURT, STATE OF COLORADO Case No.


IN THE MATTER OF (name of Applicant), APPLICANT

(4) Service. The petition and all attachments must be served on the Office of Attorney Admissions. Such service must be accomplished by hand-delivery, express delivery, or first-class mail unless the Office of Attorney Admissions has consented to an alternative form of service.

(5) Petitions for Relief Relating to Underlying Character and Fitness Investigations. Any petition...

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