A Colorado Heroine.

Author:Crouch-Hazlett, Ida
Position:Poems of Praise - Poem

A Colorado Heroine At times when freedom's sacred boon Is dashed to earth by dastard hands; When dear-bought liberties too soon Are crushed by sacrilegious bands; When justice weeps and takes her flight From outraged temple, hearth and home; And usurpation's murky night Obscures the stars of heaven's dome; The true heart leaps with swelling pride At deed courageous, soul so grand A woman's will in danger tried, A woman's brave and steady hand. And, blazoned on the deathless page Of history in lines of gold She who to cowards flung the gauge Shall read her name to millions told. 'Twas when that traitor to his vows Of constitution, law and right, Who shamed fair Colorado's brow By deeds of brutal, tyrant might, The Peabody to scorn upheld, At greed's relentless base behest, Had raised his arm, and lawless, felled The men who made the glowing West. The troops, arrayed on Lucre's side, Had occupied the mining town: Proclaimed their orders far and wide That...

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