Colonel John Schlight, USAF (Ret.) 1926-2017.

Position:In Memoriam

Col. John "Jack" Schlight, USAF (Ret.) passed away peacefully on September 4, 2017 at the age of 90. Jack was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1926. He graduated from Bishop Loughlin High School in 1944. That same year he joined an order of Benedictine monks in Newton, New Jersey as a postulant.

He started college at the monastery of St. Paul's in Newton, then in 1945 joined St Vincent's Abbey in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, a larger Benedictine school, for his final two years. In the Benedictine order Jack was known as Frater George. The order encouraged him to seek an advanced (Master's) degree in philosophy at Fordham College in New York City in 1949. Jack left the Benedictine order in 1952 to join the Air Force, moving from spiritual to more "worldly" service to mankind.

While stationed in Japan he met and married Ellen Mahood. He served as a navigator in the Korean War and as a historian and author in Vietnam. Jack was honored to be chosen as a professor for one of the first classes to attend the newly established Air Force Academy campus in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

In 1961 Jack left Colorado to attend Princeton University where he attained his PhD in history. He then returned to the Air Force Academy as a professor of history until 1973 when he relocated to the Washington, D.C area to join the faculty at the National War College. Jack also held a position as a Professor of History at George Washington University.

Following his tenure at the National War College, Col. Schlight moved on to be the Deputy to the Chief of the Office of Air Force History. He retired from the United States Air Force with the rank of Colonel in October, 1989, and while in retirement was active in historical research and writing as a contract historian...

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