Colombian heritage.

Author:Walker, Carolina
Position::UPFRONT - Letter to the editor

My most recent issue of Américas is completely worn out! I have read it from cover to cover more than twice--it is excellent! When I first saw the image on the front cover, I knew that I would love the magazine. The woman on the cover reminded me of my Colombian grandmother. So it did not surprise me to find out that both women are from Cartagena. Then when I opened the magazine, all of my Colombian heritage burst into pride and joy. The Cartagena article was beautiful. I love the way the designer used old, new, contemporary, and antiquated images to illustrate this vibrant, dynamic, and historic city. It made me want to get on a plane and go there immediately!

Then I came to the article on the Colombian milkmen. I love the fact that you used the Spanish word (lecheros ) in the English-language edition. How clever! And although the article was only four pages, it gave me enough imagery to be homesick for Colombia. I could even smell the grass along the bottom of the magazine pages!

I believe the most stunning picture that Américas has used in several years was in the center of this last issue...

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