Author:Williams, Jennifer
Position:Book review

Diana Gould (author); COLDWATER; Gibraltar Road (Fiction: Thriller) 22.00 ISBN: 9780985783808

Byline: Jennifer Williams

The business of Hollywood can be brutal. Diana Gould's first novel, Coldwater, gives readers a glimpse into the high-stakes world of network television, corporate mergers, and Hollywood backroom deals.

Down-on-her-luck heroine Brett Tanager was once in the middle of it all. She was a writer-producer for a hit television show that she developed with her husband. The show, called Murder Will Out, was about to go big. She had family, connections, and the attention of the studio executives. But, Tanager also had a drug problem.

Readers are introduced to Tanager as her life spirals out of control and she struggles to escape the consequences of one very big mistake. Just as she is about to despair, Tanager is approached by her estranged stepdaughter for help -- though she is asked to keep certain information a secret. Readers follow Tanager as she discovers an even darker side to the business of entertainment -- one that involves sex, murder, and the habits of a few privileged elites.

Gould is a former scriptwriter who has written for network and cable. Her experience and insight are on display as Tanager hobnobs with suits, bargains for information with a tell-all blogger, and digs into the secrets of more than one Hollywood power couple.

When the daughter of one of the town's most influential...

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