Col. Jack Broughton, USAF (Ret.) 1925-2014.

Position:Brief article - In memoriam

Born on January 4, 1925, in Utica, N.Y. Jacksel Markham Broughton was graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, but too late to fight in World War II. However, he flew 114 missions in the Korean War, including use of an experimental air-to-ground antitank rocket that saved many American lives. He was assigned as an instructor and later as commander of the U.S. Air Force's elite aerobatic team, the Thunderbirds. Dining the War in Southeast Asia, he flew 102 missions, in the F-105, winning the Air Force Cross and two Silver Star medals. He was courts-martialed during the Vietnam war, for allegedly violating the rules of engagement by striking against off-limits targets, thereby losing his chance to become a general officer. The main charges against him were dropped. [He was accused and convicted of firing on Soviet ships and then destroying the gun-camera film,]. In 1968, after retiring...

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