Cohort Studies.

Position::Program and Working Group Meetings

The NBER's Working Group on Cohort Studies met in Cambridge on March 6. Group Director Dora Costa, NBER and University of California, Los Angeles, organized the meeting. These papers were discussed:

* Daron Acemoglu, MIT and NBER; David Autor, MIT and NBER; and Amanda Pallais, MIT, "Assessing the Rising Return to Education and Ability: Evidence from Army Veterans"

* Grant Miller, Stanford University and NBER; Diana Pinto, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana; and Marcos Vera-Hernandez, University College London, "Supply- vs. Demand-Side Rationing in Developing Country Health Insurance: Evidence from Colombia's Regimen Subsidiado"

* Laura Bierut and Richard Grucza, Washington University, St. Louis, and Karen Norberg, Washington University, St. Louis and NBER, "Adolescence as a Sensitive Period: Long-Term Effects of Minimum Purchase Age Laws on Alcohol and Drug Use Disorders"

* Price V. Fishback, University of Arizona and NBER, and Melissa "Thomasson, Miami University and NBER, "The Effects of Experiencing the Great Depression as...

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