Co‐Editors' Note

Published date01 September 2019
Date01 September 2019
Co-Editors’ Note
This is the second-to-last issue we will co-edit and it is important
to take this space to thank Danielle McClellan, our Managing
Dani has been with the Review since 2006. She has, conse-
quently, worked over the terms of a number of editorships. The
continuity of excellence the journal enjoys is in large part due to
her diligence, wise managerial oversight, and agile problem
solving. Under her skillful management the journal has
flourished, growing in reputation with readers and desirability as
a publication site with authors.
Our co-editorship—three editors, each in a different univer-
sity, across both Canada and the United States—has been unique
in the history of the journal. For the first time, the journal had a
non-American editor, and, also for the first time, an African-
American editor. These were, we believe, important milestones.
More, generally, co-editorship has clear strengths for a journal as
successful as the Review. At its best, a team of editors allows a
heavy workload to be shared and effective consultation across dif-
ferent disciplines, expertise, and experiences. But, from a manag-
ing editor’s perspective, we suspect it may be less obviously
advantageous. Communications were more complex, time zones
more confounding, and tight organization more important. Dani
managed this all, keeping us on track, and smoothly providing
oversight for three streams of work, each with multiple manu-
scripts in various stages of the editorial process.
Dani’s strengths go beyond the orchestration of timelines and
issue production. She gave wise counsel on tricky questions
around reviewer and author relations, drawing on her experience
and perspective from years with the journal. Email discussions, or
conference calls, allowed Dani to provide the three of us with
helpful suggestions and clear perspectives on the task of channel-
ing each year’s 300+ manuscript submissions into four issues of
top law and society research. She did so easily and always in good
Law & Society Review, Volume 53, Number 3 (2019): 639–640
©2019 Law and Society Association. All rights reserved.

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