Co‐Editors' Note

Date01 June 2019
Published date01 June 2019
Co-Editors’ Note
Producing four issues of the Law & Society Review each year is a
team effort. As we look back over our time as co-editors, we are
cognizant of the tremendous contributions made by all members
of the larger journal team. We want to use this forward to thank
three particular groups central to the success of this journal over
the last three and a half years. We are saving our thanks for
Danielle McClellan, our Managing Editor, to the next issue, as her
contributions deserve a note of their own; the journal simply
wouldn’t happen without her.
In this forward, then, we begin by recognizing the work that has
been done by our large and diligent collection of peer reviewers. It
is time-consuming to line up the requisite number of reviewers for
all stages and versions that manuscripts go through en route to
publication. But, almost universally, the scholars who commit to this
review work have been conscientious and generous in the substan-
tive assistance their reviews provide authors. Thank you to these
hundreds of colleagues, around the world, who have been, and
continue to be, at the core of the integrity and quality of the Law &
Society Review.
We want also to thank our Associate Editors and Editorial Advi-
sory Board members. These individuals rose to the task of “quick-
turn-around reviews” and critical policy advice when situations
called for collaborative and consultative decision-making. The first
page of this issue lists their names. To all of them, the out-going
co-editors extend gratitude for support graciously given and jobs
Finally, the work of co-editing could not have been done with-
out the behind the scenes work of the editorial assistants at our
three universities. The sheer number of submissions our journal
is so fortunate to receive make these editorial assistants essential
to getting manuscripts into the system and out for review. Margot
Young is grateful for the support of the Lew Fund of the Univer-
sity of British Columbia’s Allard School of Law for the hiring of
editorial assistance. She was fortunate to have had two exemplary
graduate student assistants across the three years. Her first
Law & Society Review, Volume 53, Number 2 (2019): 321–322
©2019 Law and Society Association. All rights reserved.

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